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We value our patients' experience at Dynamic Life Chiropractic. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Kristin Gaines Porlier
Your O'Fallon Chiropractor

David S. 

Last Spring (2015), I was dealing with increasing back discomfort.  One of the trainers at Club Fitness where I work out, suggested I see a Chiropractor and specifically recommended Dr. Kristin Porlier.  I called her office and made my initial appointment for May 12, 2015.

After taking a set of X-rays, Dr. P informed me that "together" we would embark on a program to properly align my back and relieve the discomfort that I was having.  And we did just that!  After completing the designated procedures, therapies, and adjustments, my back was relieved of virtually all discomfort.

Now I am in a "maintenance" program and the benefits of all this include not only a pain-free state but much-improved posture and healthier body.  

Whenever I arrive for an appointment, Dr. P and her Office Manager, Brittney, always have a friendly greeting and ask me how I am feeling.  They make the experience of Chiropractic medicine a positive one and I am very grateful to Dr. P for helping me feel as well as I do.

Vivian Masterson

“I had an auto-immune disease.  The doctors couldn’t figure out which one it was.  I suffered for an entire year!  I don’t know what cause the deep pain and muscle weakness in my extremities.  My right leg felt paralyzed after any type of rest.  My arms, hips and legs hurt to stand, walk lie down or even sit.  I felt like I would lose my mind. Non-steroid, anti-inflammatory drugs were scaring me because my face would swell.  Prednisone made me feel great again, but I wanted to keep the rest of my organs safe, so I turned to herbs for inflammation, but they didn’t reach the nerve pain successfully.  I enjoyed walking and hiking with my husband and all that stopped.  My normal weight is 140 pounds so I was embarrassed about my appearance.  I was afraid to eat most foods, because I didn’t know what caused the inflammation.  I was so tired all the time. We found Dr. Kristin at the Vitamin Shoppe by the grace of God.  And we discovered that her office is near our home. Between the removing of acidic foods and the adjustments, every day I could do a little more without pain.  I tried berries, herbs and medications, but nothing worked.  And Dr. Kristin’s motivation and true concern/desire to help charged the office atmosphere and kept me positive. Some say they are Christian—hearted, but the day I met Dr. Kristin she displayed a deep desire to see me well again.  Dr. Matt and Dr. Kristin kept spirits up in the office.  I enjoy coming, being a Christian myself.  It was like going to church for me.  We are leaving town; and hope the next Maximized Living office is as charged with the presence of God as this one is!!”

Kimberly Mueller

"For 9 years I worked in an ambulance and would have to consistently lift people sometimes two times my body weight. It took a toll on my back and I developed severe neck and back pain. Medication offered no relief. One day I was in so much pain that I could not get out of my car. I was only in my 20s and I was frightened to be in that much pain. I tried muscle relaxers, ice/heat therapy and daily stretching. If they helped at all it was short term and just a temporary fix. I like to be active and I was always worried my pain would limit my life. It ended up doing just that. Work became unbearable at times and my back pain would not allow me to do proper exercise for my health. When I moved to St. Charles, my boyfriend recommended Dr. Kristin. The only way I can describe the change is DRAMATIC!!! I no longer worry about if and how badly my back will hurt. I have freedom to be active and to live the life the way a woman in her 20s should be living! This is huge for me! Dr. Kristin really cares about me and if you want to help yourself and are willing to put in the work she will do anything and everything possible to help. You can tell you are not a paycheck to her - she is in this business for the bigger reward."

Terry Kieffer

"20 years of not being able to move my neck left and right is not fun. My lower back was sore all the time. I think I initially hurt my back playing football in high school and then from two rear-end collisions. I even had numbness in my left index and middle fingers. I went to several chiropractors for limited visits for adjustments, took medications to ease the pain. Of course, all of this was temporary and didn’t solve the problem. It was difficult for me to turn my neck when I was driving and I had to be very cautious when exercising or even just living out my daily routines. I found Dr. Kristin when I met her at a booth at a St. Louis Home Show in February, 2011. My neck and lower back pain is practically non-existent now. My head movements are no longer a problem and the numbness in my fingers is completely gone. I can bend over at the waist without bending my knees and I can actually touch my toes. Exercising is so much more enjoyable now, too. Dr. Kristin and her staff go over and above the call of duty. I’m greeted with every visit and always asked how I am doing. Dr. Kristin asks how I feel before every adjustment, if I have any issues. She will ask questions and make sure she helps me resolve anything, if it comes up. Her office is First Class, clean and modern. The routine is more than the treatments, classes are held that address your needs, exercise and diet information is stressed and preventive medicine is the goal."

Amy Riebe

“I have had migraine headaches, severe back pain and depression for several years. At its worst, I was having 2-4 migraines per week. I had to wear a back brace if I was on my feet for any amount of time. Prior to coming to Dr. Kristin, I was taking birth control to prevent migraines, along with another medication to treat them. I tried several medications for back pain and to treat my depression but nothing ever worked. I actually felt worse taking all those medications. It was very difficult for me to function at work with chronic back pain and frequent migraines. I was also so tired and run down from the depression medications that all I wanted to do was sleep. I didn’t have any energy to play with my kids. My life has changed dramatically since my first adjustment. I am off ALL medications, my headaches are less frequent, about one a month, and I threw out my back brace! I am not as fatigued anymore since stopping all my medications. My entire family is so much healthier. Dr. Kristin is a miracle worker. I didn’t think anyone or anything could make my back pain better. I am so glad I sought out a second opinion when my doctor told me I would have to just “live with it.” No one should have to live in pain!”

  • "I used to have to monitor everything I ate because of my acid reflux. Now I can have anything I want with no issues after eating! Dr. Porlier not only takes care of me but also my family. My son no longer struggles with constipation. Chiropractic is a healthier way to live. I used to rely on so many medications, now we get adjusted and live a medicine free life. Dr. Porlier and her staff are so friendly and explain everything so you understand what's going on. I have many referrals and will keep sending them!"
    Adrienne S.
  • "My care here has helped me get out of pain, increase my movement, and improve my overall function. Helping me to connect more to my heart, mind, and body. Chiropractic is a necessity. A way of life. Chiropractic helps you heal better. What I like most about Dr. Kristin and her staff is that I always feel welcome, loved, and appreciated! Everyone needs chiropractic care!"
    Mickey D.
  • "Chiropractic has helped me by removing a lot of aches and pains. The movement and flexibility has changed dramatically. Resulting in no pills or pain killers. It has also helped me get relief from sinus problems and helped me lose weight. My daughter (aged 14) started getting adjustments with Dr. Kristin for her irregular menstrual cycles. She is no longer on the "pill" Thank you Dr. Kristin for helping me and my family."
    Tim D.
  • "Without Chiropractic care I would have headaches, sinus issues, and ongoing pain. Chiropractic keeps me functioning and able to enjoy time with my family and do the day to day things I need to. Chiropractic care is very important to me keeping me out of the medical doctors office and helping improve my overall health. What I like most about Dr. Porlier and the Dynamic Life Chiropractic office is how quickly I am in and out, yet I don't feel rushed and all of my needs are met!"
    Melody B.
  • "For as long as I can remember, I suffered with frequent headaches, neck pain and back pain. Excedrin and OTC medications became my constant companion and I dipped into my stash several times a day just to get through. I didn’t feel like doing very much on the weekends or after work and I was no longer exercising because I didn’t feel good and I was so tired. I spoke with Kristen Brown on a football field about my husband’s pain and after his doctor’s report, I was on board too. I have had no allergy issues this spring!! No more headaches!! I joined a gym again and am working out at least 3 times a week. I caught up on my chores around the house and am making constant progress. Dr. Kristin and Kristen have been very helpful in getting me back on the right path. I could not and would not have made these changes without them. Thank you!!"
    Susan Rieger

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